Have you ever felt guilty because your dog is home alone a lot? Do you wish your dog could get more exercise and interaction while you are out working or busy away from home?

The solution is Hannah’s House Doggies Daycare!

In answer to the needs of today's pet owner, we provide a cage-free, safe and stimulating environment for your dog. Under caring supervision, our indoor 900 sq. ft., outside ½ acre facility allows dogs to romp and play with each other, climb in our playgrounds, or just hang out and relax. We also join in the fun, playing and caring for them, and ensuring your dog feels at home.

Is the first day of daycare free?
Yes! We want you to be completely comfortable with our facility and services before purchasing a pass or reserving space for boarding.  On the first day we gently and carefully introduce your pup into “the pack”. Our goal is to ensure a non-threatening experience where your dog will be curious rather than overwhelmed.  We will monitor his/her activities throughout the day, and give you a complete report upon pick-up.

Daycare Rates

Full Day
$25 day

Full Day Packages
10 punch package – $220.00 ($22.00 per punch) SAVE $30.00!!!!
24 punch package - $456.00 ($19.00 per punch) SAVE $144.00!!!!
48 punch package - $816.00 ($17.00 per punch) SAVE $384.00!!!

Half Day 5 hours or less
$15 day

Half Day 5 hours or less/ Package
10 punch package - 120.00 (12.00 per punch) Save $30.00!!!!

Daycare is also offered to our boarders at an additional $10.00 per day.

PLEASE NOTE: Dogs not picked up by closing will be charged an additional 5.00 every 15 minutes late.

Getting Started

We will need to give your pooch a "canine temperament test" to determine their disposition before attending daycare. (All of the dogs at our facility go thru this same test; parents can rest assured that we have not admitted aggressive dogs and/or extremely anxious dogs into the pack.)

At this time we will also ask you to complete
the following paperwork:

Doggie Daycare Application:
Click Here to Download or Print

You must also provide proof of the following vaccines:
Distemper/Parvo (DHLPP)

Puppies must have their 3rd set of booster shots, and all dogs must be spayed or neutered by 9 months.

What are the benefits?

Dogs get a great deal of physical exercise and even more important, their behavior frequently improves with the socialization which occurs at daycare. This enables them to live a more relaxed life and also makes for a more content pet in the home. Instead of being lonely, isolated, and bored (which can often result in destructive behavior and separation anxiety) your dog goes home a happy and tired pup!

You benefit also, knowing that you don't have to feel guilty about not having the time (or the energy) to provide your dog with the daily socialization and exercise he needs.

A day at Hannah’s House Doggies Daycare includes:

  • A caring & loving staff – your dogs well being is our #1 priority.
  • Organized group play with “follow the leader”, “tug-of-war"
    and “tennis ball throw”, “pool time” (weather permitting)
  • After playing, we have full service Groomers so you can schedule a luxurious
    bath and clip if needed.

Safety & Well-Being

We have taken Doggie Daycare a step above the average center, all of our play areas are continually supervised and monitored; your canine friend is never left alone. Our staff is hand-picked dog lovers, and to further ensure your dog’s wellbeing.

Our goal is always to provide superior care and personalized attention, making
Hannah’s House Kennel for Dogs your pets "home away from home".