Boarding for Dogs, Cats,
Ferrets, Rabbits, Guinea pigs...

Our guests arrive in all shapes and sizes.
We provide a welcome stay for just about
any companion animal.

Dog Boarding

Your dog’s safety and well-being is our first priority. Our goal is to make your pet feel safe and happy with the least amount of anxiety while away from familiar surroundings and family members. Our DOG boarding facility is designed to provide your pet with fresh air and natural light in safe and sanitary surroundings. Our large dog rooms and small dog rooms are housed in a year-round, climate-controlled environment. We strive to make your dog's stay stress free and comfortable. Our four large outdoor areas can accommodate all types of dogs, monitored by our staff; exercise every 3 hours (outdoor sessions, for our canines that cannot be around other dogs). Our approach of socializing and multiple daily playtimes is designed to offer your pet activities for their enjoyment as well as reduce any stress a pet may experience while away from home. . Those that prefer their dog(s) spend the least amount of kennel time can opt to place he/she in doggie daycare, Monday-Friday (holidays excluded), or Weekend Warrior offered Saturdays and Sundays, providing they pass a temperament test. We also provide off leash exercise in our fenced yards for those dogs that our staff feel are not a safety risk. We provide each dog with soft bedding. We welcome items brought from home to be kept with your dog(s) as a security blanket while he/she is away from home. All dogs MUST be current on their Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccinations prior to admittance.

Boarding Rates

$25.00 per day (any size dog). Contact us regarding a multi-dog discount.

We feed a house food or you may provide your own food.

Doggie Daycare is an additional $7.00 per day Monday-Friday (holidays excluded)
Weekend Warrior is an additional $3.00 per day Saturdays and Sundays

Medications are given as directed at an additional charge of $2.00 per day

Cat Boarding

Our CAT boarding facilities include scratching posts, toys, cozy sleeping baskets and climbing structures. We socialize the cats unless you instruct us otherwise and we are happy to comply with your kitty's normal feeding requirements. Cats receive a lot of human attention (just like the dogs). Cats are required to have their Rabies, and Distemper (FVRCP) shots.

Boarding Rates

$23.00 per day. Contact us regarding a multi-cat discount.

We feed a house kitty food or you may provide your own food.

Other Pet Boarding

OTHER PETS (including ferret, rabbit, and Guinea Pigs) While they are crated most of the time, they are outside of their crates for periodic playtimes and during our routine crate cleaning. Rates are available on request.